Look What God Gave Us…

Let me just share a few photos of the new property God has blessed us with. Even though its not our property we have the run of it as if it were. God is up to something even greater for us, this is just the teaser. This is a time for us to grow our... Continue Reading →


God Is So Good

So I have to tell you the amazing thing that has just happened to us by the Grace and Glory of God. Many years ago we lived on a large property close to a small country town but not close enough to facilities that kids needed as they grow up so we moved into 'town'.... Continue Reading →

No More Rainbow…..

Thank you WordPress for taking down that awful bloody rainbow! It seriously clashed with the colors of my blog and I am opposed to how the world has changed it's meaning.  God made the rainbow as a promise to mankind that he would not destroy the world again by flood. It was never meant as... Continue Reading →

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