Favourite Things….

One of my most favourite things in the world is driving in the bush, and by bush I mean bush! We live in a regional area but we are originally from a small rural area 45 minutes from here and we love getting back there at least once a fortnight. The bush track we take leads through eucalyptus forest which is now managed by the National Parks and Wildlife which in my opinion is a good thing, it’s not likely to be destroyed by progress! Anyway the track is rough in parts but the scenery and the birds and oh my goodness the fresh air and natural smells is worth the rough mountain climb. Did I mention it was up a mountain? We’ll it is, and it’s magical.

There are a couple of natural rainforest spots which is my sons favourite, with one of the rainforests being accessible, although not quite legal to enter in a vehicle, but we snuck in anyway and it was amazing. We haven’t done it again since tho 🙂

Picture this…..driving along in the bush, spotting the odd deer and heaps of wallabies, surrounded by majestic gum trees and all of a sudden you come across a huuuuge fresh water dam, smack bang in the middle of nowhere! It’s the most beautiful place, quiet, the only noises are birds and the ambience is the epitome of peace! Oddly enough not many people seem to love her beauty as much as us because there is no one ever up there. We always pack an esky with tea, coffee and cake, get our chairs out and hang out there for at least an hour. Our youngest son skims rocks and explores and it is just a beautiful FREE family outing.

On our way back down the other side of the mountain the views are amazing, the wildlife is in abundance, and the road is smoother lol. Properties and farms line the road, cattle roam free in a lot of areas, and the smells…oh the smells, not so much of the bush now but still fresh and clean, the smells of farming still like none other.

This is a regular journey we make, I am not sure why I have such a strong infinity with the bush in my later years, and it’s a shame I didn’t appreciate it when we were younger and lived it, but through Gods grace I can see the beauty in what he created and for some reason, which only he knows, the bush is my happy place!

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