The Best 3 Word Prayer..

God Help Me! Isn’t that great!! If you’re anything like me those perfect 3 little words will be absolutely hammered on a daily basis!! Take today for example and bearing in mind it is only midday, I have said that prayer at least 50 times while taking my daughter shopping earlier.

The first port of call….Bunnings, to buy my mum plants for her birthday, namely roses as she loves roses. 25 bloody dollars for a ROSE! God Help Me…….keep my cool and look for something else, lavender…yep that’s what I’ll get her……$19 😳 Are you serious……God Help Me I am going to have to get her one and with a smile on my face, next I found a Bromelaid and it is beautiful, $25 😳😩 bloody hell!! Ok inside to buy her wind chimes to add to her very noisy collection (my mum lives in a granny flat with us) so the chimes are annoying but she loves them. The chimes were ok at only $15, phew! While we are there we saw an ex friend of both may daughters who has just had baby number 5! She doesn’t work, nor does hubby, but they are able to buy a small farm and a nice big vehicle!!! My hubby works, then  both work on weekends cutting firewood which is extremely hard, we have little debt, nearly own the house but we still can’t get money for a farm or bigger 4WD?! God help Me to understand how THAT works! Yes yes tho shall not covet I get it Lord I get it, ugh move on happily believing that God will provide my farms and awesome big rigs someday in the near future. Ok happy now.

Second port of call……Aldi and OH MY GOODNESS what is with all the old people, God Help Me and I’m sorry for calling them old 😔 But seriously they were EVERYWHERE lol! Found a park right up the back, God Help Me and thank you that I don’t have that big vehicle I just a spoke of with a huge bulbar because that old man would have worn it just now 😡. So up the back we go, nice park under a tree.  Inside the aisles are moving at a snails pace, ooooooooh God Help Me, this is ridiculous, why is everyone looking at every single item on the shelves, this is Aldi, there isn’t a huge selection! God Help Me NOT ram this trolley fair up the back of the lady in front of me who has decided to stop and have a chat to hubby, what? Really? God Help Me just go around and give them a nice friendly smile! Around the corner and BAM straight into a girl I used to work with and she looks amazing! God Help Me not punch her in the face for looking so good, me I look rather dishevelled and don’t even have makeup today, ugh I knew that would happen. God Help Me smile and say hello because as good as she looks she could be having a crappy day and need a kind smile. We also ran into my eldest daughter who is 5 weeks off having a baby, has a 18 month old, 8 year old and 6 year old all tagging along with the exception of the baby who is screaming lol. The eldest 2 spot me and its like this shrill scream “NANNEE”! I’ll explain the relationship I have with these eldest 2 kids in a different post, especially zaccy the 8 year old.

Third port of call…..Maccas……the traffic is even worse, but they are very efficient and we get through rather quickly however, getting out of the carpark which is right next to Aldi is another matter. GRID LOCKED…..GOD HELP ME not lose my cool, especially when this rude man just cut me off so he could get out first, there is yet another “lucky I don’t have my Lancruiser with the sweet bull bar” moment lol!

FINALLY we are home and I am no less perturbed than when I left which after all that, is amazing. So you see those 3 little words are the difference between grace and favour, and fear and frustration. I’ve gotta tell you that when you ask God for help in EVERY situation he will be there for you too. A Christian walk does not mean we are instantly these little goodey two shoes that can do no wrong, that are holier than tho and just these perfect boring little specimens….WRONG!!! We still get frustrated and people annoy us but it’s how you deal with those situations that will determine your outcome of peace or strife! Try it today, GOLD HELP ME……X


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