Do You Think I am Boring?

I’m a Christian… I boring?

The perception of being a Christian somehow makes you lame and boring is the most stupid thing I have ever heard. If you are lame and boring, chances are you were like that PRIOR to becoming a Christian!!

Now take me for example, I have been a Christian all my life HOWEVER, I was what they call a carnal Christian, believing in God but that’s about it. Nooooooooo, that’s not how it works. NOW, I have made a conscious decision to follow Gods word, be obedient to what he is telling me, don’t follow the ways of the world and to basically be a BETTER version of myself! Now, this walk is not bloody easy I am here to tell you, but the end result is definately worth it! I can feel changes in me, dramatic changes that have only come about by God slowly but surely showing me where change is needed. It’s exciting really, imagine being a total shit one day and all of a sudden you aren’t. That blows me away.

How do we do it?……We read the bible, every day, pray every day, before you do anything, give God the first fruits of your day, which means have time with God before the day begins. I get up when my hubby leaves for work at 5.30am and I pray for an hour or just hang out with God. There is no big recipe for how to do this right, you just go to God, on your own and do what feels right for you. Listen to heart, that is where the Holy Spirit lives and he will guide you.

My life revolves around my 4 children and nearly 7 grandchildren. I see them everyday which I am greatly blessed for but sometimes, just sometimes, when they come over and grind food into my carpet, trash the kids room, put their grubby bloody hands all over my phone and Ipad I just want to throttle them. And the noise!!! Whoa!! The other day my granddaughter was watching a very ordinary program on Youtube and I told her to turn it off, but Nannee its a good show look, I said “thats the dominion of the devil and your eyes will fall out if you keep watching it” hehehehe oops, maybe a bit far but bloody hell these kids dont do as they are told so some rather harsh tactics have to be had…….yes I know and yes I did repent lol!

My youngest son who I homeschool has had some rather intense issues hence the homeschooling but he is getting better through Gods grace of me being able to stay home with him. He has facial tics which are SOOOOOOOOO annoying and he sniffs a lot, all part of it. He is 11 by the way. By the end of the day I’ve had enough of his bloody twitching and sniffing and the other day I was like, “For the love of God go and ask God to give you a face that doesnt bloody twitch and if you don’t stop sniffing you will start inhaling the furniture”!! ummmmmm again a bit too far and YES I did repent and I apologised to my son.

I tell you these few little stories just to show you that because you choose to live a life with God does not by any stretch of the imagination mean you will be condemned to hell if you stuff up every now and again. This walk is a journey, God knows that, its how we grow as people, its how we learn to help others, its how we secure our place at the right hand of the Father with Jesus and its where I want to end up when the time comes.

There is no greater feeling than Gods Peace, and when you have a life of turmoil and shit, Peace is the best feeling EVER!. See for yourself, ask God to show you, it will change your life! x

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