Feelin’ Fluey……

So thanks to it being winter, well our version of winter anyway, this year has been particularly hot and I think I have only had a jumper on a couple of times this year! Well with warmer temperatures comes the perfect breeding ground for germs! Yep, I caught the flu and I’m none to happy about it either. Sore throat, aches, sore back, cough you know the drill.

Well I remembered what I have learnt this year about Healing and how God wants us well and healthy, and how Jesus delivered us from the curse of sickness when he died on the Cross 2000 years ago. Right, I am NOT going to tolerate this sore throat any longer and by his stripes I AM HEALED!! I said this at least 6 times that night and when I woke yesterday morning my sore throat was completely gone!! Bless God!! I still had a lot of the other symptoms, but my body just needs to learn to catch up with the Word of God and the fact that we were healed when Jesus died on the Cross. It’s a terribly hard thing to do to believe you are healed when you feel like utter crap, but its crucial to your healing to receive it and believe it!

It’s an absolute mindset, and a definite act of Faith, but if you can do it, you will see that your sickness will disappear.  Be specific with what you want healed, believe you receive when you pray and you shall have it.  So exciting and mind boggling that that is all we have to do in order to be completely healed, and delivered from the curse of the devil.

So next time you are feeling under the weather remember…….Yell at the devil, rebuke him and find your healing scripture and start speaking it out loud. Dont be disheartened and dismayed if it appears to not have worked straight away, God NEVER fails, and you HAVE been healed!! TAKE IT!






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