Worse Today…..

Well guys as much as I have believed and know I am healed the symptoms got the better of me today and I haven’t done anything too exciting to blog about. Tomorrow will see a new day and I am still believing my healing is done even when every bone in my body aches and I am coughing up a lung!!! Anyway I am too busy to be down for too long, tomorrow I am having a nice birthday afternoon tea for my mothers birthday this week. The kids are all coming and it will be lovely, but it also means cooking and organising for me, ugh! Oh and lets not forget the tonne of dishes I will be left with! Why are there always SOOOOO many bloody dishes!! I would use plastic throw away plates but they are pretty bad for the environment so I feel compelled to do my part with that!

Anyway as I sit here trying to gather my thoughts I am falling asleep and pretty soon I aint going to be makin a whole lotta sense LOL!  Through Gods grace tomorrow will be a better day. God bless you all! x



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