Homeschooling 101!

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Yes I am one of those homeschoolers and no we aren’t children of the corn type people lol! Seems to be a stigma with homeschoolers but the homeschooling movement is growing very fast in this country! It seems the more regimented schools are becoming the less the kids are learning, well that was the case with us coupled with my sons anxiety problems so it was a no brainer. The teachers couldn’t handle him so they used to just send him out of the room which is hardly acceptable to me as a parent, so to save more disruptions to him and the class I pulled him out of school. It took me a year to ‘de-school’ him but he has improved so much! Don’t get me wrong it is very challenging, but I don’t enforce main stream school practices and I encourage him to explore areas that he is interested in. He is extremely good on computer and I am very proud of what he can do. He goes every Saturday to a course down the coast run by a public library down there to learn coding and he loves it! It’s a great social activity for him too, especially since he doesn’t do so well in groups.

He also has his best friend who is a homeschooler and they talk every day via Skype, play online games and build servers to run these games on, very clever they are. They also have every Wednesday together, one day at his house and the next week at ours. I usually like to take them to the park or the local museum, or we catch Pokemon lol but whatever we do we get out of the house and away from computers!

He has such a wonderful heart for God, he prays every day, discusses the Bible with me and just loves being who he is he told me the other day. Now what pre-teen is ever happy with anything let alone who they are as a person, so proud of him for that.

Today we fertilised the vege garden and made a video doing it for him to put on his vlog. He has a long way before he is fluent but who cares, he loves doing it and he’s having a go and that’s all that matters. Tomorrow we are planting more veg and weeding, all of which we will catch on video! It’s such good fun and he is learning how veges grow, why we need to grow our own and how good the harvest is.

Homeschooling has definitely worked for us and God has blessed me with a hubby who works hard and works 7 days a week so I don’t have to, so I can in turn be with our son, and care and nurture for him in the way that he needed. Don’t get me wrong I think school is great for a lot of kids but there are a lot of kids that school is very damaging for. I thank God every day that I was able to recognise our sons cries for help and instead of dismissing him as just being naughty and disruptive, I listened to him, hugged him when needed and eventually got my little boy back.

Life is so full of pressure even at such a young age, we had a terrible death in our immediate family he didn’t cope with, and we were grieving so badly ourselves he went unnoticed. Thankfully, God showed me how bad he was and I acted immediately. Gods grace is precious because without it we could have lost a precious little soul to the devil and that is unacceptable!

As hard as it is sometimes, our other 3 kids are adults with kids of their own and they take him to give me a break so I am very blessed because at nearly 50 it’s hard to deal with kids at all let alone try educating one on a 24/7 basis! I am sure there are some who can relate! I most definitely would not do things any differently, these little lives are way too precious and so is my bond with my last child!


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