A Date With Pokemon….

We had decided it was way too nice a day to be stuck indoors so we decided to go to our local park, which happens to also be a Pokestop and Pokegym 😄 Winning!

A quick pit stop at Maccas for some lunch, yes not very healthy I know, but he’s an 11 year old boy, as if anything else will suffice lol! So we grab our listeria filled burgers and head off to the park and we weren’t the only ones with this idea, there were people everywhere! With one spare table we made a dash for it cokes and burgers and mobile devices in hand but coming in the other direction were 2 old people who were walking just as quickly to secure the same table! Needless to say we both plonked our food down at the same time and our faces all said the same thing – “I ain’t movin” lol so we ended up sharing the table.   Catching a couple of rare Pokemon made that particular share all the more worth it lol !

Off to battle a gym in another area of the park and man that was fun! We both battled the gym AND took it over so Victory was ours that day! Master 11 was so excited and happy it was such a lovely time. It just brings me back to thanking God for blessing me with a wonderful life and family and that I was able to help this happy little kid get out of his realm of darkness and fear and back to Jesus to walk in his light and love! So so blessed!

So the thing that came to my mind was that we have this beautiful park close by and yet we only go there once a fortnight it seems really dumb so we are going to make an effort and go at least twice a week. So much learning can be done by just being out in our environment, watching, listening and observing even if it’s just watching the ducks, or watching the tourists having picnics, it’s how stories and memories are made 😊

image image image image


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