That Unction Inside….

Have you ever felt like you knew something but didn’t know what it was? Or have you ever felt so excited inside but not really sure why? It’s the Holy Spirit talking to you about something that has been on your mind for a while, he’s telling you your breakthrough is near. It’s just a you know that you know that you know without really knowing anything.  But what you have to do with that feeling is follow through with it, stand firm in our faith, be strong spirited and don’t give the devil any open doors in which to enter!  I know we have been so close to our breakthrough many times but because of doubt and unbelief they have never quite made it.  How do I know? Because it’s happening to me now, we have been waiting for over 7 years for an investment to come to fruition, many have labelled this a scam and if I hadn’t heard directly from God about it, I thought it was a scam too. I was nearly about to pull out and God spoke to me first through scripture and then through that little voice! He said to me “What are you doing? You are about to blow the thing that you have waited so patiently to get! “what’s the matter with you?” lol After reading the scripture God wanted me to read I then went to study for an hour. Needless to say we are still involved in the investment when many are trying to bring it down.

My point with all this is sometimes we have trouble hearing from God and we all too easily accept that “Oh well he must only talk to the preachers” or “it musnt be Gods will to talk to us…..all lies of the devil! God wants nothing more than to hang out with us, show us how to conduct our lives, and teach us the many secrets of the Bible. I dont’ know about you but I am excited!! Excited to learn, excited to see what God reveals next, excited to live the life he wants for me and most of all excited to be a Christian in these end days. Come on guys, get excited with me and you will find your life will transform for the better and all the pain, worry, anxiety will leave you. Trust in God and listen to your ‘unction’.

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