Be Discerning…….

I stumbled across a Christian website today that I thought would be a good idea to read.  The evangelist mainly spoke on deliverance and how to deliver strongholds and strongmen in our lives. Since I haven’t done a lot of research in this area I thought it might be a good opportunity to start.  This particular preacher had all sorts of books to download like all other websites so I chose one and downloaded it. BIG MISTAKE!!

The way this book was written was ok to start with,  as you got further into it  got a bit messy but then again the topic of delivering demons from your body is a wee bit messy in itself!  Anyway there was 89 pages and I had only read 5 and by the end of the 5th page I was like WHAT ON EARTH did I just read! Seriously, it was horrid, the amount of curses in the world, the amount of demons we all carry, even down to color therapy and iridology being doorways to the occult and demons, ugh, I tell you it drained all the joy out of me and made me feel like, what is the point of the hours a day of study and prayer that I do, there is no way I am ever going to get rid of all these demons, most of us are stuffed! Luckily my mum was home who quickly told me he was a crack pot from the 80’s that she listened to as well, he nearly sent her and her friends mad with his teachings, and I could easily see why.

It just goes to show you have to be so careful who you listen to, what you read and who you are being led by as far as teachings go because it can be very damaging. We need to use discernment when we are learning our walk with God and we need to listen carefully to what he says to us. Being led to this website was clearly an attack of the devil who wanted to make me feel like there was no point to walking with God because I was never going to please him or get into Heaven. My mother quickly told me to dismiss him and remember that being born again we have been forgiven for all our sins and we no longer live under the curse and Satan cannot touch us if we dont let him, phew! You have to be constantly on guard when you walk with God especially in this end times when demon activity is at an all time high and increasing, their days are numbered and they know that and the more people they can keep from God the better it is for them. Well I have 2 words to say to satan and his minions……..BITE ME!!!

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