Lets Go For A Quick Run…..

So my hubby finished work early today and we decided to go for a quick run up the bush just to get out of town, I was starting to feel claustrophobic and a trip out of town always revives me.  The smells of the bush are amazing, eucalyptus, fresh dirt, creek water, mmmmmmmm a cocktail of purity you can only get from the bush.

We usually see lots of kangaroos and wallabies and the odd doe but today whoa we say 9 stags in total, 10 does and a small mob of pigs.  It was so exciting and to top it off I had a new lens for my camera my kids bought me for Christmas so was pretty keen to try it out.  As you can see by my shots I still need a lot more practice!  These animals were really quiet so clearly no hunting in the area, which, being in a National Park is illegal but hunters don’t seem to care where they go.  The majesty of the Stags to me is breathtaking, they just stand there with there chests puffed out and there heads held high displaying their magnificent antlers which depending on size are usually an indication of their age. This mob were only very young. But that wasn’t all we saw!  Just further down my hubby spotted a small mob of pigs just rustling through the grass, grunting and digging as they go. We actually got out of the car and walked after them, again, they were quiet and really not worried by us at all. The photos I got of them werent so good because the grass was too tall and got in the way.  And then a short way up the road was another 2 stags, one had shed his antlers and the other one was still intact.

Such an amazing afternoon of spotting that we werent really expecting. We just wanted to get out in the fresh air, amazing what you come across when you least expect it!

IMG_9915 IMG_9914IMG_9932IMG_9937

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