Fathers Day 2016…….

Well yesterday marked Fathers Day in this country and it’s  day to show appreciation to your dads, granddads and husbands. We had a lovely morning tea for hubby with all the kids and grandkids present and it was such a lovely morning. After our eldest 2 kids left and went to their respective inlaws houses we decided to go for a run out of town to a district that is home to one of this regions icons! This was we could have a picnic afternoon tea and I could practice my photography on this beautiful landmark.  It was attracting a fair bit of attention too so it would seem that word is out about this amazing part of our local history!

The Dickabram Bridge is Heritage listed and the only road and rail bridge in Queensland, and one of two only left in Australia.  It is built of steel and timber trusses, is 191 metres long and stand 23 metres above the Mary River.  This year marks its 130th birthday with celebrations in September!  I could only get photos of the top half of the bridge as the banks were far to steep for this old girl to climb LOL! Still you get the general idea of our view for the afternoon!

IMG_9975   IMG_9970  IMG_9977 IMG_9971IMG_9954 IMG_9952

Driving across this old bridge is rather daunting and my hubby can remember when the train line was still operational and his father took him across at the same time as a train was crossing it!!! That would have given me heart failure I reckon, it’s scary going across there alone let along with a train!!

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