Well I haven’t been around for the past few days and haven’t posted a Daily Scripture in that time which I apologize for. I made a commitment to God and myself that I would post daily and if I reach at least one person then it is all worth it! WELL……my eldest daughter was rushed to hospital for an emergency cesarean on Wednesday afternoon as her beautiful baby girl was just not waiting any longer. She was scheduled for C Section the following week but nope she wasn’t waiting.  So I ended up with her other 3 kids, my youngest daughters 3 kids because she went with her till her hubby arrived, and then I still have an 11 year old at home so 7 kids yewwww!! Needless to say that was bloody hectic!!

3 days later and we still have my other grandchildren but they are super well behaved on their own, but all they do is bloody eat!  Like what is the go with that, they HAVE to fill up at some stage surely!  We have these kids every weekend because Nannees house is the place to be apparently but its usually only overnight so they don’t have a lot of eating time in there only dinner really.  Oh well, back to the shops tomorrow I guess lol. I gotta say though God is good, and he provides us with enough for everyone and a little bit more. He has certainly provided me with a tonne of patience and strength to be able to handle so many little kids at the same time on my own. All the hubbys work so it was just me lol and I survived so a wonderful testament to the Lord! There is another one too which I will tell you about in the next post so stay tuned!


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