Authority of The Word…..

So as I was saying in the previous post about testament to God the story I am about to tell you is an even greater one. It shows the importance of knowing the Word of God and being able to act on it in times of trouble….

My eldest daughter had an emergency cesarean last Wednesday afternoon, this being her fourth cesarean it was wrought with risks but she went ahead and got pregnant anyway. Well, in she went as usual to get prepped, get her spinal bloc in place, her scrubs and take her position on the operating table ready for the big arrival of baby number 4! That was the start of it, what should have only taken half an hour took an hour, not sure why yet, the delivery was another longer than usual period and then stitching her back up was another mammoth bloody wait! An operation that only took and hour and a half at best with her other 3 children took 4 hours with this baby. Things were not looking so good. A midwife came out to tell our other daughter, who was anxiously waiting in the family waiting area, that everything was fine but they were having trouble stopping the bleeding and a drain had to be put in to drain the excess blood out of her, like WHAAAAAAT!!!  She was very week, very anaemic prior to the surgery and things just weren’t as happy as they should have been. Oh well stitch her up and take her up to her room to get settled.

I head up to the hospital later that night, about 7.30 as she text me and said she needed mummy could I go up. Ok, so the logistics of that were quite tricky since we still had a heap of grandkids at our house lol. But my hubby, her dad, came through for us and said he would watch the kids so I could go up for as long as needed so off I went. When I got there she was sooooo pale, like ghostlike, the poor little girl, my heart sank, but was also happy to see her happy with baby girl number 3.  The specialists and surgeons came in to check her not long after and they informed me of her condition which they were not happy with, her blood pressure was way too low, her blood loss was way too high and it just wasnt looking good, they were contemplating taking her back down and going back in to see where the problem was. OH…….MY……..GOODNESS……what am I hearing, shaking my head like a dog shaking itself for fleas I was like “now hang on a minute, say all that again”, not really wanting to hear my child is gravely ill again but wanting him to reiterate. So again he told me her condition was not a good one and they were not happy with how she was! I was helping the midwife with the baby at this stage who was huge and healthy lol, took me back to my Twilight watching days when Bella was that sucked of all goodness from her vampire child draining her of all her goodness!! Shaking my head again I came back to reality picked up the baby and moved to the room next door while they did more inspections and all that gross stuff with my daughter. While in the next room I remember a Kenneth Copeland episode I had watched when his daughter Kelly,  nearly lost her daughter and I remember Kelly going out of the room and saying “I REFUSE TO FEAR” !! YEP that was my ticket to kicking the devils ass all over that place!!!  As soon as I had declared that fear left me and I started to pray out loud declaring Victory over the devils attempts to steal my daughter, SATAN THAT IS MY CHILD AND YOU ARE TRESPASSING!! IN JESUS NAME I REBUKE YOU AND DEMAND YOU LEAVE MY CHILD, HER HOSPITAL ROOM AND THIS HOSPITAL, SHE IS COVERED BY THE BLOOD OF JESUS AND YOU CAN NOT PENETRATE THAT!! YOU HAVE NO AUTHORITY HERE OR ANYWHERE ELSE ON THIS EARTH SO GET BEHIND ME WHERE YOU BELONG AND SHUT YOUR LYING MOUTH!! I continued to pray like that and within minutes the doctors and midwives all came back out and told me to go back in. As I was going back in one of the midwives was checking her blood pressure again and she stood up and was like “OH THE BLOOD PRESSURE JUST STARTED TO COME UP” and she raced out to tell the doc. As she said that my daughter looked straight at me and was like ” what have you been up to mum?” with a smile on her face and I said” in the next room kicking satans butt out of this hospital and away from you!! AND I WON!! As the night progressed the bleeding stopped and they were able to take the drain out the next day. Now the doctors also said she would be in hospital a bit longer than expected and that recovery would be slow, yeah maybe in your terms but not in Gods LOL! She is going home tomorrow which is the normal going home time, so recovery is as I have told it to be! Praise God!

The point of all this is that I study the Word of God as much as I can, I watch as much Kenneth Copeland shows as I can, I have the Believers Voice of Victory Network running constantly in my house and it paid off because I knew what to do in what could have been a very stressful time for us all. It’s so crucial that we read our bibles everyday, make time for God everyday, pray, talk to him, treat him like your father and he will come through for you every time. If I didnt know the Word of God I would not have put fear to bed straight away and I would not have had a clue what to pray. Oh which brings me to the point I still can’t speak in tongues and I still kicked the devils butt hahahahaahah!  Anyway I am so grateful to God for teaching me and showing me constantly what I need to be doing on a daily basis, because without it we are literally stuffed!

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