Worst Drive EVER!

After our super hectic week we decided to take a run up the mountain as we do to get a bit of fresh air in our lungs, get some nice pics of the dam and hopefully spot some deer! So with esky packed with cake, coffee, tea, biscuits and chips we headed off!

As we drove past farmland on our way towards the foot of the mountain we saw these 2 beautiful young stags in a paddock, they were so quiet and curious, they walked closer to us as we sat on the side of the road so I could get some good pics. I always love seeing the deer especially the stags with their beautiful antlers even though these ones were quite small, spikers they are in fact called.  After I got some good shots which you can see below, we continue on our mountain climbing journey to our favorite spot, the dam.  Ahhhhhhhhh the serentiy, as we got out of our vehicle and just inhaled the freshness we all just breathed like we had just been released from a smoky prison or something, the feel and smell of the bush is something quite unexplainable unless you experience it yourself.  CUPPA TIME!! Hubby unpacked the esky and got everything ready while I tried to be clever with this new camera and flash lens the kids had gotten me, did you know cameras arent sold with lenses these days? You have to buy the lens separately, dumb idea and it took me ages to save to buy the lens but I finally have it!  My photography is very amateurish but I dont care I really love it.  I got some nice shots of the water, the lillies and the water birds.  Since there was one other place we wanted to visit on this trip we decided that we couldnt linger too long and packed up and went on our way again, back down the mountain the same way we came up.   THIS TIME HOWEVER, as we neared the paddock where we had seen the 2 stags, we could see a vehicle, but we couldn’t see the deer, maybe they ran but didnt seem feasible since they were so quiet with us. NO there was another explanation!! The man in the vehicle in the paddock had just SHOT THEM!!! He was trying to load their bodies into the back of his vehicle as we drove past!!!! OMGOSH WHAT AN ASSHOLE!!!! Now pardon my french but I was deeply traumatised at what I had just witnessed and I was swearing and yelling out the window at this horror of a man, my poor hubby who is off the land was just as horrified, but more concerned about me seeing what I did. I know this man was a farmer and these deer were on his crop but seriously there were 2 of them, he could of let a few shots off to scare them off, I mean the little damage they would cause does not justify this barbaric behaviour. Most crop farmers hate them and will shoot them quick and I know this as a country person but shit, I did not want to see it firsthand. I cannot understand the senseless killing of such a beautiful animal and yes I do eat meat but am seriously revising that after this weekend!

Then further along down the road about half an hour from where we were we saw a buggy driving around a paddock with the spotlight on (by this time is was dark) which usually mean they are hunting something, I was llike Oh My Goodness you cannot be serious, my hubby started to speed just in case we saw what they were chasing and THEN bugger me if we werent 15 minutes further down the road we saw another lot!!!! I was like what the bloody hell is going on, we have NEVER seen hunters in all our travels and then all of a sudden we see 3 lots! My hubby has the theory that God doesn’t want us buying up there ( we were contemplating buying a bigger place up that way), and he doesnt have to worry because I will never go back up there as long as I live!! We will stick to driving in the national park and forestry from now on since it is illegal to shoot in there!

So now I don’t want to be a farmer anymore and I don’t want to buy a property with close neighbors since most of them are gun happy. Now dont get me wrong we own guns, but not for shooting animals for the fun of it that’s for sure! We will buy our bigger acreage as planned but in a different area, somewhere where the neighbors think the wildlife is awesome like we do, somewhere close to the forestry which is beautiful in our country.  Somewhere secluded and private and away from farmers. I’ve put my order in to God and I know he knows what’s best for us and I trust him implicitly.

I did repent straight away of calling the man names and swearing and wishing hot coals be poured upon his head and wishing I had a gun so I could knee cap this dreadful man but I think I will need to repent again LOL!  It’s very important that I repented straight away so God could forgive me and close that door to Satan!

Driving in the country isn’t so much fun anymore.  Just goes to show though I am not anywhere near where I should be with my walk of Faith because man I lost it when I saw those dead deer. I should have been able to handle that better and pray for that man and realise that the deer are now in heaven frolicking with the Lord! I haven’t been able to read the Word for 4 days and it really shows.  It’s so crucial to our self preservation and spiritual health to be in the Word every single day, otherwise we don’t know how to deal with situations when they arise! I took authority the other night over Satan with my daughter but gee he nailed me yesterday!

Keep praying everyone, keep seeking, and stand firm in battle!! d



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