How Often Do You Pray?

If there’s one thing that I have learned over the past 6 months is how crucial it is to have a prayer life.  I used to think prayer was something we did every night before we went to bed to thank God for the wonderful day we had blah blah blah……….NOOOOOOOOO….. while yes it’s important to give thanks and pray before you go to sleep, you shouldn’t limit your prayer life to just that.

Prayer is so much more important than we as Christians realise, it’s our time with God, it’s how we intercede, it’s how we grow our Faith and it’s how we get our families saved. If more people prayed I am almost convinced there would be less garbage in the word and more love and kindness.  Prayer is essential to good spiritual and physical strength, if your children are unsaved prayer for them to be saved, if your finances are a bit shoddy pray for them to improve and if you are a sower then pray for your harvest.  Prayer can be done anywhere, in your car, in the shower, while you’re shopping (especially while you’re shopping lol) while you’re gardening, anywhere.

Prayer should come before any decisions you are about to make, prayer must be made first place in your life, even if that means you have to get up at 4am to pray, then do it!  Prayers can be short, quick, loooooooong and the right amount of time to get your requests to God. Remember tho in all things give thanks and praise and the Glory to God, and before you come to the Father in prayer make sure you have no unforgiveness in your’re heart.  It’s also a good idea to base your prayers on the Word of God, so pulling out the odd scripture is a good idea!
So every morning allot a time that is your time with God, don’t have any distractions, shut the door and just sit in silence and wait for God .  I do this every morning and I find if I don’t pray in the morning then I tend to have a crappy day. I love The Word of God and hold it first place in my life, it holds power, light, love and life, and praying to God well how much more priviledged can we get! Remember stand fast, be strong and don’t grow weary while waiting for prayers to be answered, just power ahead and never stop praying!


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