Is It Just Me?………

Am I the only one with an irritating significant other? I have been with my husband since I was 16 and in that time we have had several up and downs and a lot of rocky patches however, through Gods Grace we are overcomers and still together. We have 4 amazing children and the most adorable 7 grand children, so life is pretty good, and no matter how much he is truly my best friend and I would not want to go through life without him by shit he annoys me!!

Every night we have a ritual, we have dinner and watch either Kenneth Copeland or Joyce Meyer teachings on tv, we get a lot out of these preachings and its something we enjoy doing, but after we have watched them out comes the bloody Ipad. Now we don’t watch main stream tv because of the violence, the negativity and really just the pure crap they put on there, the news is manipulated, shows are full of sex and bad manners and I really dont want my 11 year old watching this rubbish. Ok so now you understand why the Ipads come out.  Now I don’t mind but he has to watch the same movie trailers and listen to the same damn songs every night, country and western music which is the travesty of it, and whats the go with having to have it turned up to the highest decibel possible for an Ipad. Seriously, at the end of the day I dont want any noise whatsoever yet he turns all this crap music on and watches carnal videos. I’m like, “did you listen to anything we were just taught”  far out!!  Thankfully he has to work tomorrow and he’s gone to bed so I have my house back to the way I like it,  QUIET!! Our son even enjoys the quiet better!

Then this morning before he leaves for work he decided to have a big whinge about having to work Saturday and whats the point the money only gets spent and blah blah blah which of course I tactfully reminded him of the reason he was working weekends……… buy a huge big bloody trailer for himself and then the block splitter for the firewood business for himself.  So he is in fact working for crap he wants not for stuff we need so that kinda shut him up for a while and off he went! He is a really hard physical worker and at his age this type of work is starting to take its toll but I remind him that this is not forever and God has a plan for us, a much better plan than we can come up with but for now we just have to soldier through it all.  I know deep in my being that God will provide us with the farm we have been praying for and it will be sooner rather than later!! I wonder if he will use the Ipads then? I predict not!

AT the end of the day, Men, I speak to you now, if your wife has a frown it means shes had a crappy day, don’t add to it, don’t turn a quiet household into a battle zone. If you are like my hubby and need to watch noisy crap then get some headphones!!


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