I feel compelled to write this article today as this has been a big issue in my life over the past few weeks.

Temptation, contrary to popular belief is not a sin, yep thats right, it’s not the temptation that’s the sin but what we decide to do WITH that temptation that can become either the sin or the victory.  My temptations lately have been electronic devices, upgrading them because our other ones were old.  Even though we have been standing firm on the Word to get out of debt, pay our bills and do what the bible says and not borrow anymore – EEEEEEEK – what did I do? Yep went and borrowed more money for computers – $4000 worth of computers and equipment!!! Now while we needed them I didnt need to buy the expensive systems, and I didn’t need to pay $400 for anti virus stuff, and you know what, that bloody salesman was a fast talker and I really didnt know what we were doing it all happened so fast and next thing $4000 was spent BUT the company lending us the money wanted to give us $8000 and told us to go and have a great time shopping!!!!! Noooooooooo we backed away from that real quick it was waaaaay too tempting!  Ok well I wont borrow any more Lord, I repent for willfully sinning, ugh gee I do some stupid things.   THEN on Saturday my favorite fabric shop online is now offering a flexipay system where you buy now pay later!! I applied and got a $1000 spending limit straight away took like 5 minutes!!  And I went and spent $230 on fabric I have wanted for months! Oh my gosh I am ridiculous!! THEN just yesterday I went to put more credit on my phone and BAM up pops the new Iphone 7 and a big BUY NOW next to it!! So I click on it to see what deals they were offering and I was like Ohhhhhh that phone looks so pretty, I really want that phone and then I can give hubby my Iphone 6! So just as I was about to click and agree to yet ANOTHER $100 a month the Lord stopped me and said “REALLY?? you are going to put your husband under even more pressure by adding another bill for a PHONE!!” It wasn’t till then that I knew Satan was behind me whispering in my ear how much I needed the new phone, or the beautiful fabric and the computers. It was HIM tempting me and ME falling victim to it therefore committing the sin!! For someone who committed to follow Gods Word and not compromise I sure have been sucking at it lately!!

So I now have to deal with this extra debt I have gotten us into but I can now kick temptation to the curb. Thou shalt not covet, is a commandment and I need to remember that a bit more often I think, I need to be happy with my lot in life and just trust God to provide all my needs as stated in Phillipians 4:19. I need to be grateful to God for providing me with what I do have, and in all things be thankful and know that God has a plan for me and knows whats best for me. Next time I hear that pesky little voice saying how much I need these shiny new toys I’ll be telling that voice to go whisper somewhere else because these ears aint listening!!

Temptation gets to all of us and don’t feel bad if you fall victim to it, just repent and stand on Gods Word and hopefully you will do better than I did lol! Pray in all things, listen to what the Holy Spirit is telling you, kick the devil to the curb and just know that God will give you what you want but all in his good time!

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