My New Hobby….

So I’ve decided that my new hobby is photography. Now this is all it’s going to be as there are literally thousands of photographers out there doing this for a living that are way better than me so rest assured I am not aspiring to a career in this field I just love taking photos of what I think are cool things. That being said what do you think about my Breaded Dragon that was in the horse paddock the other day?

img_0042    img_0040  img_0029


You know, if you take the time to just stop, look and listen you will see beauty everywhere. God has certainly given me new eyes towards the things of this world and a grander appreciation that I have ever had. That silly old lizard was made perfectly by God to serve a purpose, now I have no idea what that purpose is but God does and that’s really all that matters. I love have the veil lifted from my eyes and seeing an amazing world instead of a world full of death and despair.  In our busy lifestyles the beauty tends to get left behind, that beauty has been provided by our Almighty God so do try and take a couple of minutes out of your day and see if you can’t see something beautiful! God Bless! xx

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