New Book……

I am reading a new book at the moment by Kenneth E. Hagin and I really encourage you all to read it. There is so much revelation in it, so much truth and light, a lot of questions are answered in this book.  I love these teachings though, while some prefer the quiet calmer approach I love the aggressive, direct approach because it suits my personality. I don’t feel I am here just to be a weekend Christian, I am here on a mission from God and I am going to fulfill that mission. Learning is all part of it, and I mean proper learning, not just reading, you can read the Bible till you’re blue in the face but if you don’t understand what you are reading it is never going to work for you. So get stuck in, get some good books, study the bible, reference scripture and above all else, build your relationship with God the Father and you too will see things change, knowledge and wisdom will come your way and you will wonder how you ever lived without them. There is sooooooo much to learn and not a lot of time left to learn it in. If Jesus came back today are you ready or are you still ‘getting’ ready.  Love to all…….



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