The Battle Rages…..

“So we wrestle not against the blood and flesh, but against the powers, principalities, against rulers of darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places”  MAN DON’T WE EVER!!! If ever there were a truer word spoken lol!

This weekend has been a trial and its only Saturday! The devil always attacks me in my finances or in my marriage and since I have declared Victory over my finances he can’t touch those so he has caused argument between my hubby and me. I am to be a submissive wife, which is veeeery difficult for me, I really don’t like being told what to do, and I really don’t like not speaking out in argument if something annoys me. HOWEVER, that’s not how God wants me to deal with things so I shut my mouth and move on, trouble is in my spirit I can feel trouble brewing, I have said “GOD HELP ME” a thousand times today and continually rebuke Satan and praise God and give him thanks! Well things are less than ideal, and I am feeling like I just can’t be bothered anymore. This Christian walk of Faith is bloody difficult and it would be far easier to throw my hands in the air and just give in! I don’t understand why things are so tough, we tithe, we sow, we watch teaching videos every day, we read the Bible and pray every day, we get up early to pray and make God first place and yet with all that, we still just seem to be treading water. I don’t know what the answer is to this problem and I am still waiting to hear from God about it so in the meantime I will just do my own thing and just keep the peace. Joyce Meyer said that once you and your husband can get to a place in agreement a marriage really is beautiful……..*insert confused face right here…………I don’t know about beautiful, my husband and I have been together over 30 years and beautiful is far from the word I would choose to describe it LOL!  Tomorrow is Sunday and another day so lets see what that brings!

Anyway Hubby has gone to bed and I am about to also. Rant over……

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