On what planet was there a rule written that the grandparents have to have the grandkids all the time?! Like seriously, in our family, I seem to have these kids all the bloody time! I mean most times I dont mind but more than a night and I am starting to get a tad aggravated even though I am practicing not to be annoyed and what’s the go with the constant questions, and the repeating of the questions and then some. And why don’t kids like going to bed??  You get tired you go to bed?…..Apparently not, apparently you have to fight it and see who can stay up the latest, well sorry but I aint staying up half the night while you try doing a marathon with your imaginary friends!

Right now as I write this its 10.30pm, my 4 year old granddaughter is still awake after me putting her to bed several times, and as I write this she is wandering around the house looking for paint so she can paint a picture! For goodness sakes child go to bed and stop being ridiculous! I gotta say I love my grandchildren to death but having them for sleepovers is exhausting. They have to be constantly amused and they reckon being at nannees means the rules go out the door and they can just do what they want. And what’s the go with eating!!! Our 4 year old granddaughter who is over at the moment never stops eating, like I have to tell her no more food because she eats everything in sight! Bring on daylight lol thats when her parents come to get her!

I really think I would get more rest in paid employment but I would miss all the amazing milestones that they all reach. I have been blessed to have been there for all their births and actually in the birthing room with my last little grand daughters birth. I have blessed to have been able to bond with all 7 of them right from day one and I wouldn’t change any of it.  God has given me charge over these children to make sure I do my job and get them all saved and into Heaven, Each day I can see my children changing, they are a work in progress but I know without a shadow of a doubt we will all be taken up together to the Kingdom of our Dear Father, so really, babysitting is a privilege when God has appointed me to do that job for him. There is a scripture that I can’t remember that says “you shall work for God and not yourself” not exact wording either but you get it lol.  So I have to remember how lucky I am that God has chosen me to look after these children as something done for him and not man, and I will give him all the praise and Glory and honor that he deserves, and I will go out now cuddle this little child and hopefully she will go to sleep! God Bless everyone!

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