The Daily Struggle…..

Is it just me or are there others out there who are struggling with the whole walk with God lifestyle?  I am having a hard time at the moment feeling God’s love and peace, I see others that just exuuuuuude love and me I have trouble even saying ‘Love your neighbour” lol! Love my neighbor?? No Way!! Their damn dogs ripped one of my little dogs to bits I aint loving them!! Yep there it is ‘unforgiveness’ ugh! Why does it rear it’s ugly head every time there is a problem?!

Who is having trouble making ends meet? I know we are! Isn’t it written somewhere that God has promised to Bless us if we heed his word. If we tithe AND sow  isn’t it automatic that we reap the rewards? We are getting broker and broker, there is no sign of prosperity and the Lord keeps telling me to give. GIVE WHAT? I can’t afford bread!! I know there must be some area in my life that needs correction and I am more than happy for the Lord to show me and to correct me but why doesn’t he show me??  Faith – why isn’t this working? I put all the motions and steps into play, I read the Bible daily, I watch good teaching shows daily, all up I spend at least 4 hours per day learning and getting to know the Lord and what he wants me to do for him buuuuuuuuuuuuuut I am still clueless ugh!

I do go to God every day in gratitude, very thankful and blessed for what we do have even our empty bank account, I thanked God for it and thanked him for my super abundance. I know we are to seek ye first the kingdom, and I know I am going to heaven but gee it would be nice for life to be a little easier down here while we wait for Jesus to return. I’m not asking for a skip bin full of money to magically appear and land on my head, one because that would probably kill me but two, because that’s just stupid and lazy! I just want an idea to run with to make extra money, so that we can make our ends meet and my hubby wouldn’t have to work 7 days a week in the heat. What he does is extremely physically challenging and at his age even more so!

While some of you might be thinking, man she is so focused on money and the lack of it, it’s no wonder she doesnt have any,  no I am not, I am having a vent this morning because I have given all our excess money to God under his instruction and now I can’t buy food.  I have already been to God in prayer venting to him too, but the struggle is real and there may be others out there who are struggling like me but ready to throw the towel in! I will never do that because I want to secure my place in Heaven, but for baby Christians this is a hard walk to start with. I want to encourage others that we are probably all going through the same thing waiting for our breakthrough, although I just declared my breakthrough TODAY and I will continue to do so until my breakthrough arrives!

So I leave you with this, Satan is trying to steal our thunder, he is a damn liar and a thief and if he was here right now I’d punch him in the face!! But since I can’t physically do that I will continue to rebuke him in Jesus name and I will continue to ask God for his help and guidance. I can’t hear him now but probably when I stop bitching he will be right there rubbing his face and saying STAAAAAAAAAHP!! That’s exactly what I do when one of my kids whinges LOL!  I pray that you all have a truly wonderful weekend and remember, Never stop praying, because in prayer there is VICTORY! X

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