Op Shop Day…..

14697239_1118327374882485_1218229686_o 14697349_1118327348215821_1488450100_o 14677922_1118327394882483_1406040429_o 14647356_1118327311549158_1947289156_o 14677958_1118327271549162_2067549902_o 14689300_1118327298215826_543507092_oSo today I decided to go with my mother to the local op shop that she manages. For those of you who don’t know what an Op Shop is its an Opportunity Shop or what some may call a thrift shop or goodwill.

God has really been calling me to support this Op Shop and the Church attached to it mainly because of the Pastor I think. She is a long time friend of my mothers and I feel she is copping a bit of flack lately.  So I message her regularly just with encouraging words and kindness and  to make her feel a little bit special.  So the op shop – I met some lovely ladies who graciously volunteer their time to keep the shop running, they take are of all the sorting, ironing of the clothes, pricing, cleaning, serving customers and making sure all items that come into the shop are well documented. It’s a big job and only the really committed will take on the job especially voluntarily. Anyway God really blessed me with an awesome day!  I don’t usually go out, I am a bit of a recluse, don’t like socialising, don’t have friends only my adult children and I really don’t have time for them either, I would much rather have my face in the bible learning the word than catching up for coffee listening to mindless babble. Anyway that’s my thing, and I feel God wants me to start getting out a bit more, talk to people, tell them about God and just do what we as Christians are put here to do.  So, I am starting a Facebook page for the Op Shop and I have committed to go every Tuesday to take fresh new photos and help out where I can.  I am pretty excited about this, funny how God takes us out of our comfort zones but takes all the discomfort out of it! Well that’s what I have found with this situation anyway! Have a great day everyone and be abundantly Blessed! x


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