I’ve Been A Bit Slack…..

I’ve been a bit slack with my posting lately and I must explain why. When I first started this blog I made the commitment to post a scripture every day because it might just help someone start their day right. Weeeell I have been less than accurate with my timing and sometimes its every second day that I am posting. Well this past week I think it has been a few days between posts which is pretty sucky on my part. I have had my grandchildren a LOT the past 2 weeks so I haven’t had a lot of time. Anyone with little kids knows just how MUCH time they take up. With a bit of luck this week will be much quieter so I can concentrate on my online projects of which this blog is one of them.  I feel God has been leading from the start with this blog and I know I have to step up with it also.  I know I am a very ordinary writer and can absolutely not write big long blog posts so I really do thank my followers for coming back each day without you I would lose all inspiration to keep the blog going.

Well it’s Sunday night here in Australia, hubby has gone to bed, my son is gaming so it’s time for me to go have a nice hot shower and put my feet up. I wish you all a wonderful day/night, depending of where you are situated in the world. Bye for now!

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