Sunday In The Country….

So today we woke up to a beautiful overcast, cold, drizzly sort of day which meant no work yayyyyyy! What better thing to do than head up the bush and get some pics. Being an amateur means constant practice so today was that perfect practice day.  We came across quite a lot of wildlife which we did not expect in the middle of the day, but being an overcast cold day they were all on the move, except for the cattle who were all huddled together on the ground trying to keep warm. We live in a regional town which is nowhere near as bad as the city but it’s still nice to go even further out into the country, through the bush and enjoy the bigger, wider open spaces that the rural areas offer. The big old building is a Heritage listed steam driven saw mill, non operational now, but there are only 2 left in the country, it’s so iconic and located in the middle of nowhere which is really cool! Take a closer look at the deer pic, there is a young stag losing one of his antlers.

img_0174 img_0233 img_0213 img_0219 img_0204img_0249 img_0173 img_0220

If we look at things through different eyes we can see Gods beauty in just about everything. The colors are different, the shapes are different, it really is quite the extraordinary feeling. So remember when go about your day to day activities, spare a bit of time to have a look around you, but take a look with God’s eyes and you will see what I mean….

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