God Is Good!

So a quick little story how God has impacted my life this week!  My youngest daughter enrolled my granddaughter for her first year of school next year. While she was at the open day getting all the info there were students taking the families for a tour around the school. Now this particular school is a private Christian College where my eldest 3 kids went and it was to say the least not a very good school back then, we had lots of problems with teachers etc and I swore I would never send any more kids there if I had any. Fast forward 15 years and boom here we are with one of my children enrolling HER child lol! BUT this time it would be different!

The school is HUGE, they have expanded to include so many other subjects and industries the kids can study in. My daughter was so impressed that she facetimed me straight away to tell me how amazing and awesome the school is now, how it ‘felt’ different, her exact words, its like walking through some secret place with a different time zone! Yep that school is annointed and God is everywhere!  Well my youngest son who I unschool overheard the conversation and was like “Can I go there”? The look of shock and horror on my face I am sure was very piercing lol! Yes of course if you want to go back to school, we support you whatever you want to do. Now this was SO shocking to me because it was only 2 weeks prior that we had a conversation about going back to school and he adamantly said NO and how much he hates school! Ok no worries just asking geez LOL!  Skip forward 2 weeks and we are enrolling him.

Here’s the thing……for the past few months I have been praying for him. He has been getting lonely and because of his anxiety issues it is hard for him to be around other people. He has one little friend we see every week and they chat online and stuff but I knew he needed more. So I have been praying that God sends some Christian children across our path that would be good friends for him. BOOM here we are! I do believe this is an answer to prayer.

So we went up for our first preliminary meeting to see where his education is at, because when you unschool you do NO formal education at all. You learn what the child wants to learn. I gotta say I was nervous about this interview because I was sure I would be viewed as a neglectful parent…..but what they wouldn’t see is the countless hours over the last 2 and a half years that I put into this childs spirit because the last school had killed it!  Anway, he took some tests and the facilitator was super impressed with what he did know. She was so encouraging to him that it made him feel like he can do it! I was encouraged that they weren’t too phased about his lack of education and they put more emphasis on his confidence and that his school work will follow. Whoa hang on, a school that isn’t pressuring children to learn? What is this place LOL!  They have lots of support there if he needs it with his school work, but she said he is smart so he wont take long to catch up. Music to my ears! See how God went before us and paved the way for us, its was easy. That’s how you can tell if God is blessing the decisions you make, they are easy and they all fall into place!

This is an absolute testament to prayer and being faithful in prayer. You can’t just pray once and think its a set and forget especially with your children, its constant, its a committment to spend time with God but it is well worth it. You WILL get a result everytime!  I just thank God for loving us enough to want my son to be in an environment that he will be able to reach his goals, make friends and be safe and secure!
And all things, whatsoever you shall ask in prayer, believing, you shall receive. Matt 21:22

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