Hi Guys!!

Good morning everyone! I thought I’d add a few different topics to the site to change it up a bit and make it a bit more interesting to readers. While scriptures readings remain my first and foremost priority I think I’ll add some other stuff too.

I found another video editor today so I am watching the tutorials so I can make some cool vids for our scripture!  Things are in the motions guys.

Also another end time event, Japans earthquake, Fukishima, where the power plants have been leaking radiation since the last tsunami, you can’t keep messing with the planet and think God is going to ignore you forever. Anyway as Christians we pray for the innocent people and salvation of a nation but I have to fess up and say that I can’t help thinking, “that’s what you get for killing all the whales and the Pacific Ocean!”. Excuse me now while I go repent!!  God Bless you everyone in Japan, be safe and be vigilant in prayer!


Image result for butterfly


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