It’s Been A While….

Hello everyone!! Well hasn’t it been some time since I have been back here and hasn’t life gotten exceedingly busy this end! Where to start hmmmmm? Probably the biggest reason I haven’t been blogging is my sick daughter….

So at the beginning of the year my daughter was diagnosed with Crohns Disease, but not just ordinary Crohns she was in the last stages of it and was very very sick. How did she get so sick, well negligence on our local hospital and their doctors as well as our own private GP. Anyway to cut a long story short she has had several hospital stays and I have been helping her partner with their 3 kids. Life gets busy when you have to do school runs and have a 5 year old in the house again ugh! Anyway they seem to be on top of it now and we havent had a hospital stay for a couple of months now, praise God! The other thing was that through all this her partner got caught driving without a license in an unregistered car so I have had to be their run around person which is REALLY annoying! So neither of them have a license with 3 kids hmmmmm, how well does that go, Oh pretty well because mum does everything!! Lets remember I still have an 12 year old at home that I homeschool lol! Whoa hectic! I feel like I am getting old quick, I guess I am 50 this year!

My walk with Christ has been testy to say the least. I remain faithful to God regardless of what goes on in life but bloody hell I get really angry at him also, which some will say “Eek don’t get mad at God” but seriously I am in relationship with him and getting pissed off is part of that whole deal LOL! I am getting better at it though. I can now pray quickly when I feel a fit of rage coming on which I never used to be able to do. It’s a bloody trial though wow this is a tough walk but it’s not one I am about to quit on. It’s haaaaaard being obedient and it’s haaaaard wanting to do something and being heavily convicted of it so you just give in and say “ok Lord I wont do it geez”. I find this happens a LOT hahaha!

Overall life is much better for us than it is for others, I have a roof over my head, food to eat and clean water to drink. I may not have all the lovely things in life but I have the basics and I always remind myself “Someone out there is praying for what I have” it’s a great little kick in the bum when you need it!

So I am going to endeavor to make a post every day! I am finding a lot of frustrations lately and writing about it might help someone else going through the same frustrations. Oh I have some victories too but at the moment it’s trial time ugh and it’s hard! Here’s wishing you all a wonderful weekend!

Be Blessed. xx

bandicam 2017-04-21 07-31-13-383

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