Well It’s Friday…..

Well we made it through another week riding on God’s Word and having a tremendous week! We have had a few hiccups that the devil has tried to throw at us but thanks to constantly having my face in the Bible I knew how to nip those situations in the bud!  We pick up our new car today, well its not brand new, but it’s a new addition to our family and it’s such a blessing and for the first time in 5 years I have my OWN car again! Thank you Jesus!

As I write this post I am awaiting instruction from God to see how he wants me to do today. I pray every morning that God will Help me do today Right!  It’s so important to the end result of my day!  This weekend is a long weekend for us here so hubby will work for 2 days and then we will take the new rig for a run up the bush and do some seed collecting for our nursery we are in the process of getting setup. Hopefully in the next month we can start building it!

Kenneth Copeland prophesied at the beginning of this year that 2017 is the Year of Breakthrough, I believed and received that prophecy then and there and even when things were getting worse I clung to that Word from God and as doors are opening for us it would appear that our breakthrough is here! What we need to understand is, that breakthrough isn’t going to come on us like a tonne of bricks falling on our heads, No, it will come gently, delicately and subtly so it stops and makes you think, “Wow, thank you Lord, I know that came from you because it came from nowhere”. You see if we don’t calm our crap down we are going to miss it, this world is hectic, people are stressed, kids are crazy and THAT’S when we need to learn to stop, breathe, pray and listen because if you don’t, YOU WILL MISS YOUR BREAKTHROUGH!

So keep praying, keep standing in Faith, don’t give up because if that’s what the devil is telling you to do then your breakthrough is really really close.  Satan is a trespasser, don’t let him trespass in your garden and steal your fruit, be rid of him and know that regardless of how you feel, breakthrough is just around the corner! Stand Firm!!

Be Blessed. X



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