My Homesteading Journey…

Vege bedsTomatoes.jpgI use that term loosely because I haven’t really researched what is the true meaning of homesteading but for now I am going to say I am an amateur homesteader!

My idea of homesteading is growing your own food, cooking what you grow, baking everything you eat where possible, not using chemicals in the gardening, not buying processed bought food, no takeaway, am I close?  Well whatever all that is, that’s what I am doing.  I have had a vege gardens for many years but the summers here are so brutal that nothing grows and by winter I have lost my mojo. It’s been a couple of years since I grew anything but this year I am determined to go down that path again. So far we have tomatoes, peas, lettuce, chives, sweet potato and basil growing. Hopefully by the end of this week I will have added zucchini and broccoli to that list, oh and dwarf green beans, I loooooove fresh beans!

I have also taken on the task of baking all our cakes and biscuits, slices etc and we no longer buy processed stuff and I gotta tell you the difference in taste is second to none, I can’t even eat a bought cake or biscuit anymore. I was making my own bread, but without a bread maker and arthritic hands that was proving a challenge.  I want to get to the point where I am making our own jams, chutneys, pickles, relish, ice cream and butter! Wow sounds like I have bitten off more than I can chew but hey we are never too old to learn right?

I am using chemical free methods in the gardens and pest control will be managed by the way of some pest recipes I found using essential oils so I will let everyone know how well they work.  The one things I can’t find is a recipe for chemical free fly spray, hmmmm is there such a thing?

Anyway this is the start of a brand new way of doing things and hopefully I am successful at this and I hope I can inspire others to give this a go as well!  I’m here to encourage those who need it!

Have a great week everyone! X


2 thoughts on “My Homesteading Journey…

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  1. Homesteading is a frame of mind. Instead of running to the store, how can you make it at home? How can you use what is available to you? Growing some of your food is just the tip of the iceberg! Learning how to use wild edibles, putting in a few fruit trees, fixing the holes in your shirts and baking bread are just some of those tasks. It’s an exciting way of life!


    1. Thanks Bethany thanks so much for your input! I guess I have a lot to learn but I know I will enjoy the journey. Unfortunately there is not a lot of wild edibles in our area but bush tucker is definitely something I am interested in. Being on a limited budget I definitely try to make what can be bought where I can , most certainly with food. I am looking forward to learning more thats for sure! 🙂


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