From The Brink of Death…

2 weeks ago our dogs mauled our beautiful big bobtail cat nearly to death. By the time my hubby got downstairs to find out what the dogs were doing it was nearly too late, we were convinced he was dying and I am sure he was.  We wrapped him up in a warm blanket and made him comfortable waiting for him to pass. Now before any of you start on the why didn’t you get a vet bandwagon, 1…it was in the middle of the night on a weekend and 2….we are flat out affording groceries at the moment let alone a massive vet bill and 3….I have a better vet than anyone his name is JESUS!

I sat with him for the next hour and just prayed for him, prayed for his healing prayed for his pain relief and prayed for God’s will to be done with this animal we loved.  He went to sleep and I went back to bed not knowing if he was going to make it through the night.  He was clearly very broken inside, there was no external wounds but he couldn’t move, he could only open his eyes and blink and that was not very often.  Days passed and he became more and more responsive, I was at this stage feeding him animal formula with an eye dropper, changing his bedding every day, which, by the way was totally gross! He had no toileting control so it was me cleaning him, he would cry as I moved him which to me showed some sort of spinal damage (Google) and I felt constantly bad for him and all I wanted to do was put him out of his misery but his eyes were telling me something different. His eyes were constantly gunking up which had to be cleaned, I used a saline solution from our first aid kit, there was so much to do in caring for him to make life as comfortable as possible. After about a 4 days he started moving his legs, he could lift his head enough to drink out of a bowl and he was starting to eat solids again, hallelujah it looks like we are on the home straight!! 3 days later he was pulling himself along with his front legs and I was all the time thinking oh my gosh I am going to have a handicapped cat that I am going to have to care for his whole life!!! EEEEK!

Just a few days ago I was sitting with him, patting him, he purred through this whole ordeal you know, it was just amazing the strength of this cat, anyway, he grabbed my hands with his paws and started licking them and he would look at me as if to say, “thank you for not giving up on me” and it really made my heart heavy that only days ago I was contemplating putting him down because his quality of life looked crap!  Fast forward to now which is only 2 weeks later he is walking again, albeit with a bit of a wobble, but he walks around the house, he can jump on the bed again and he has cleaned himself up completely. In the next couple of days I will take him for a walk around the yard so he can get some fresh air, but will bring him back in again. Our dogs that mauled him are in a separate part of the yard which is completely fenced from the cats but for some reason he decided to go into that area that fateful night, he wont again I hope!

The thing that I feel God has taught me through all this is not that cats are tough, but, that prayer works, and healing ALWAYS comes and not as quickly or in whatever form WE think it should. Healing comes with our prayers, but we need to allow our bodies to recover because our bodies are flesh, but the spiritual side of our healing always comes!  He also showed me that LOVE is far greater and more powerful than most of us comprehend. Love is a tool in our arsenal but we are not using it to it’s full potential. God showed me that LOVE has power and its why he commands that the most. Love will heal ALL things and turn bad crap into good!! Oh man the revelations I have had with this cat have been amazing so I think our cat was healed not just to heal him but to also teach me about healing and the way it works. Well that’s what I have gotten from this whole experience.

God is good, and if we could grasp the full depth of this goodness imagine what we could do for mankind!  I know it’s something God wants me digging into more and I am definitely on fire to do so!  I feel like this will touch someone reading this post and I really hope it does, to help others in normal life is why I started this blog!

Be Blessed! x

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