I Am Improving!

I Am Improving Each Day

I usually say this when I am challenged with crafty stuff or arty stuff or anything that I would really like to be awesome at!  I have always wanted to be an artist, but sadly, I suck at it lol, doesn’t mean I don’t still give it a go. I love to draw but just miss the technicality of it but I do it anyway.  I am learning that positive affirmations do have a place in our lives as long as they are based on what the Word says. I mean we don’t want to cross over into the occultish type world by affirming to the ‘Universe’ and not God.  It is very easy these days to think you are doing the right thing to find out in Gods eyes it is very wrong. So my advice, affirm away BUT, make sure you don’t compromise the Word of God, no affirmation is worth that! X

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