State of Confusion….

It seems these days I am in a constant state of confusion, which is both annoying and exhausting! I really don’t understand this at all because this is not God’s plan for my life I am sure of it! Actually scripture tells me it isn’t!  So why all the confusion?? Is it my age? Is it too many things going on? Too many kids? Too many grandkids? Too many pets? Too many neighbors? I dunno, but I am more inclined to think its’ spiritual than anything. I mean I am nearly 50 so that has to play a huge part in it I guess, but I still feel this is not lining up with the Word of God.  Maybe there are really big things coming for us, breakthrough in fact that has been prophesied to happen this year, breakthrough that we are believing for and maybe, just maybe the devil is placing confusion in my head so I can’t see clearly or focus on what God wants me to do to achieve that breakthrough. I mean the last thing satan wants is for us to be prosperous and claim victory over poverty, he wants us broke, struggling and stressed. I put on my armor every day luckily, imagine what would happen if I didn’t, I’d probably end up in another town in the middle of the highway looking for Gold or something hahahahahah!

I am so tired at the moment it’s ridiculous, that is not helping the confusion. I mean I was in the grocery store the other day and right in the middle of the aisle I had forgotten where I was and what I was doing there! For a split second I was really scared. I was driving home with my hubby the other night and forgot where we were, ugh, I need sleep I think and I need to sort out this confusion.  I have prayed about it but then get a stack of answers at once and am even more confused! I feel God saying Be Still but my mind just won’t let me ugh why is this crap so hard seriously!

Anyway, if there is anyone else out there going through this same crap let me know, maybe we can support each other and get through it together?


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