Let Me Introduce You To……….

MY PIGS!!!  Oh my gosh I can’t believe I haven’t shown you yet!

So we have 2 pigs, the big black one is a male and his name is Pickle, he is only 4 months old and huuuge but he is very spoilt. The little piglet is called Peggy, she is super cute and very smart. Both are hand reared, both of them lived in the house, both of them love cuddles and both of them are super intelligent.  Pickle was the easiest animal to house train I have ever had, he would pee and poo on a pee pad in the same corners of the house making clean up very easy. They are both now in pens because Pickle was knocking all our furniture over and he is just too big to be sitting on the couch next to me LOL!  Peggy wasn’t as easy to house train, but we put her in the pen next to Pickle for company for each other and she LOOOOVES to dig in the dirt!

They have awesome little houses each, very dry, filled with warm hay and really clean so they are super happy pigs.  Pickle came to us as a new born, we fed him animal formula in a dish until he was old enough to eat porridge and weet bix which he totally loved. Once he was older he got a more substantial diet of fruit, veges and breads but never meat, I just don’t want him being a meat eater so I have never introduced it. He now gets proper pig pellets, fruits and veges as well as bread once a day and for a treat biscuits once a week lol. He is actually 4 times the size of his siblings which some people will have a hissy over but he is super healthy and happy. Peggy was a week old, she hated being fed from the dish so we had to get her a proper bottle, she is still on porridge and formula (now from a dish)  and I have started introducing bread and vege which she isnt really that keen on yet.  The amazing thing is how different their personalities are, I mean they are pigs! But they have their OWN personalities, this actually blew me away.

If I have learnt anything from having pigs is how smart they are, they listen, they watch and they remember.  They are super loyal and love being around their human families much like dogs.  I can’t wait to move onto bigger acreage so I can get more!!


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