Hmmmm Feeling A Little Left Out…….

Well not really but I have gotta say that I am surrounded by AMAZINGLY talented, gifted and educated women in this Young Living business. I mean they all have degrees, or some form of certification, or have been in super amazing jobs, or are doctors or studying to be doctors or lawyers I mean seriously LOL! Here’s little old basic me, lives in a country town, has a tonne of kids and grandkids, we don’t have very much money, we struggle our way through and I sorta feel like I am out of my league! HOWEVER, I choose to look at how very blessed I am to be part of a team that IS so educated and full of knowledge because I am learning so much from them all! I mean if I hadn’t joined Young Living I would still just be plodding along crocheting or gardening.  These ladies have given me an excitement I haven’t felt since I was selling real estate and it’s nice to want something so badly and really feeling like “Yep I can do this”!

So if you are reading this you are in a lucky position because I am ground floor, but I have access to incredible training and resources that many people pay a lot of money for! So as I have victories I will show you exactly what I do, when I have failures I will show you that too!  I want to help those who have felt like me in the past and that building a successful business and team was just not possible for me. Such a lie from the pit of hell!!  I got this!


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