For Out Of The Abundance of the Heart….

Hmmmmmm what does that mean? God gave me this scripture a few weeks ago and he was dealing with my attitude at the time, and probably still is, I am a rather large work in progress but I guess at least I am progressing.

Out of the abundance of the heart means that whatever you put in your heart, whatever you watch on tv, read, watch on youtube, the Facebook Lives you watch, everything you put your eyes on will in some form or other go into your system and make its way to your heart.  The heart is like our engine, it is dependent on what we run it on as to the performance level of the vehicle right?! So if we constantly watch the news for example, full of negativity, death, decay of society, horror then that’s how we see our world, a hopeless ball of dirt spiralling out of control but if we were to watch good things, funny things, positive things then our attitude would change dramatically and so would our circumstances.  So if we speak what we see then that is what we are putting out there into our reality, crap!  It’s so important to only look at the good and if we see bad just acknowledge that God has it in hand, we don’t understand it but we trust God.  It’s equally as crucial to watch the words that come out of our mouths because Words are power and will define your very existence. Do you constantly say “I can’t afford that, I’m broke”? What is your current financial situation? I bet you’re broke. I am a shocker at this, I really struggle with the finances but am slowly learning to give it to God and I swear it is starting to work! Faith by works!

So basically what I am trying to say, (and we all know I suck at writing lol), is this, be careful that what you allow to go into your system will do you good not evil and everything that comes out of your mouth make sure it’s not leading you to destruction.  Say and do nice, I think that’s a pretty good motto!  Whatever you put in, is what is going to come out, be really mindful of that!

Love you guys! x

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