Mid Week Run…

So hubby has been home from work the last few days getting tests done on his heart and brain.  He has been having pretty full on heart palpatations and at 53 that’s probably a sign to get things checked.  The brain scan was done to see if the correct amount of blood is pumping around in there but really it was to check if he even had a brain hahaahha, or as my daughter said, “well with 5 out of 7 grandkids with autism they are checking to see where that gene has come from and since the rest of us haven’t had any brain scans it must be from you” hahahahaahaha, bloody kids are cheeky as!

SO, while he has had time off we decided to go for a drive out of town, back to where we both grew up and just get some country air into our lungs.  I love feeling the crisp, fresh air of the country, the smells of the country, it’s so much different to the smells in town, and just the peaceful atmosphere which I love. Our goal is to buy a property out there again and retire in the peace and quiet but internet is a huge issue in these rural areas.  Bad enough in regional areas where we live ugh!  In the meantime this is what we came across and I never get tired of them.  They are being hunted out now, which I don’t like but I guess there has to be a balance for everything. I don’t mind so much if people hunt for food but I CANNOT stand trophy hunting and will NEVER think that’s ok, but that’s a whole nother issue lol!


Just as we left this mob of 11 not 100 metres up the road 2 young buck jumped out in front of the car but I wasn’t quick enough to get pics, they were off lol!  I try and scare them now so it makes it harder for the hunters lol.  They are so bloody quiet, they just stand there so they are easy prey, so I figure if I make it look like humans are scary they will run away, not sure if my theory would work tho! Oh well a girls gotta try lol!

2 thoughts on “Mid Week Run…”

  1. I hate trophy hunting too. It is such a waste of life. Pictures allow you to show off your skills and allows the animal to continue living.

    I am glad you husband was willing to see the doctor about heart palpitations. That’s nothing to take lightly.


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