My daughters are the best, seriously they are, they are beautiful, strong, intelligent women, mums and wives.  They are both as different as night and day but they are mine and they are awesome!


This is my youngest daughter with her sick baby. This is my poor daughter who is battling with Crohns disease only to have this precious little baby pick up a bug somewhere along the way and has been terribly sick as well. The last thing my daughter wants or needs is to look after a sick baby, she doesn’t have the strength, she doesn’t have the stomach for it, she doesn’t have the energy for it,  but she does it, she does it because she’s a mum first, Crohns has to wait when her kids need her, Crohns will be there once the baby is better but for now, it’s a mission she needs to complete.  She is beyond tough, her doctors say it’s a problem because they can see how sick she is but she doesn’t complain. She was meant to start her remecaide infusions tomorrow but has had to re-schedule so she can look after her baby, these treatments are crucially important, but her kids come first.  Her husband quite capably looks after their autistic 4 year old son, we have her 5 year old daughter and she has the baby, it’s a musical chairs of kids but it’s the only way we can try and give her some relief.  Her strength is amazing and I am so proud to be her mum!

20394765_1406893059359247_962209391_o  This is the foot of my eldest daughter who decided to do this to herself this morning so she could get some attention too hahahaahha!  What a way to get a break from the kids LOL!  I seriously thought one of the kids had died when I got the SOS call this morning for help. I nearly had a massive heart attack and then another one when she told me she’d axed her TOE hahahahaha! Her hubby came home from work, took her to hospital where the doctor wanted to stitch the toe because she has done a good job splitting it open but when she saw the needle she started to cry and wouldn’t let him do it hahahahaa!  Good Lord!!  So he bandaged it up and sent her home to rest. Yeah that was never going to happen with 4 kids under 9 in toe lol!  She is the kindest, most loving girl, she is always there for her sister whenever she needs her, nothing is ever a bother for her, I’ve seen her give up her own food so others in the family could have it, her spirit is beautiful and sincere and I am so blessed God chose me to be her mumma!

I am so blessed with both my girls, I would be lost without them, I don’t have friends because I have daughters (and a tonne of grandkids lol), and they make me proud to be their mum!

courtney and zac

Here’s a better pic of her with her eldest son, he is autistic, and the most loving beautiful child. She is a great mum that’s for sure!

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