All The Thanks Go To God….

I am so excited to tell this story I can hardly contain myself!  So, this last fortnight I wanted to sow $50 to our local Christian radio station but after working everything out I just didn’t have the spare cash.  As I have said in a previous story I was like “Well I will catch up when I have more money” but I always feel bad that I can’t help.  Over the past week I have been really trying to listen to what God is telling me, I am reading scripture every day again and really practicing walking by Faith.  So guess what happened today?  Mu hubby rings this morning from work all excited because he has just found $50 at the dump (he was dumping stuff from a job they were on). He just looked down and there it was!! Straight away I knew it was from God and it was the provision I needed to sow. I had $50 left in our bank account and I went and sowed it straight away!! I was so excited!

I think what I want to encourage you with today is this…..God moves in very subtle ways, if we aren’t tuned into him we will miss the blessings he puts in front of us.  I have long been waiting for these huge blessings to come raining down on my head and it was stupid thinking and wrong minded. Since letting all that go and just really trusting God with everyday issues and changing the way I think I have noticed He is always there and always has been, I just wasn’t looking properly.  God isn’t going to drop gold bars on my head because apart from the sheer weight killing me it’s just not how He works.  He will bless us according to our maturity to handle it, small at the start so we can acknowledge it but stay grounded in it and really see that it is from Him. Can you imagine if we all of a sudden received a million dollars in the bank? We would stuff that up pretty quick I imagine because we would be that focused on the money we would lose the focus of God’s blessing. We aren’t mature enough to deal with that just yet, but man it’s coming I can feel it. God prepares us for great things, but we have to walk to them with God and trust his ways before we reach the end story.

Another thing happened this week that was also stressing me out royally.  We have a credit card that is maxed out at present, I haven’t been meeting the minimum payments and they accumulated to nearly $300.  We got a very nasty pay up letter from them or you will go to the debt collectors and I was like OMG this can’t happen we don’t have dodgy credit how am I going to pay this.  I payed $60 and then prayed.  I asked God to please handle this as the stress was really making me ill and I left it at that.  I have a redraw facility with our home loan so I was going to take the money out of there.  All yesterday I kept feeling compelled to only take $100 from that account so I did.  I opened up my credit card account to pay $100 off it and bugger me there was only $100 owing on it!!!! Like Ummmm where did the rest of it go?? I know where but wow, just wow.  I paid the $100 and now have a credit which is just a miracle.

I had never seen God moving like this in our lives before so this is proper revelation to me.  As Christians we know God is there but few of us really see the blessings that are meant for us.  Big things are happening in the body of Christ and we need to pray more often, pray for our countries and be so super thankful that we have God in our lives and just wake up every day and give him thanks!

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