Touching Base

Hi guys and boy it’s been a while since I have posted over here but I have sooooo much going on at present.  Apart from taking care of my sick daughter and her family, running my own house, having grandkids constantly taking turns in staying at nannees house, taking care of my aging mother who sometimes is nuts, taking care of my hubby, homeschooling my 12 year old and running 2 homes businesses I just haven’t had time to post here lol!

I have recently started a handmade kids clothing business called Nannee & Co and this has become busy quickly. I make dresses and rompers from recycled vintage sheets and this is very popular over here in Oz.  I offer affordable clothing, instead of boutique prices, I feel I want all mums to be able to afford my clothes not just the select few so to speak.  I also crochet and make dolls, so yes life is busy BUT God and praying still take precedence even if it means I have to get up super early to have my time in prayer.

I hadn’t been spending any time in prayer for a lot of August and man didn’t things turn to crap quickly! There was discontent in the house, hubby’s job had become difficult, I was constantly confused as to what my purpose in life was and just very untidy circumstances taking place. I had stopped praying because I had lost my way, the devil had sneakily got inside my head and had confused my path.  Luckily, the Holy Spirit snapped me out of it and made me realise what was going on and I started to repent and ask forgiveness quick smart!  Since I have really made an effort and really made God my number one priority life has begun to change.  We are not as financially fatigued as we were, all the bills are getting paid, we never run out of food and we always have enough.  God is showing us how to be good stewards with our money and because we are obedient he has been faithful in showing up when we need him most.

I want to encourage you to weather the storm, it’s bloody hard work and I am not denying that, but if you can grit your teeth and weather the storm it will be worth it in the end.  Don’t worry I had my days when I would loose my complete crap, swear and carry out, yell at God “its not fair, it’s not fair why aren’t you listening, why would you let this happen”  and one day I heard him say, “you do remember there is a devil hey”, ahhhhh the lightbulb went off! What I was doing by all my griping was giving the devil the bullets to take aim and fire off at me!  I learned that praying and thanking God even in the worst situation will bring about a calm to help you get through whatever it is you are having trouble with.  Your problems won’t magically disappear but God will equip you with the tools to get you through them.

So life is good because we trust God.  My hubby is buzzing because God bought him through a problem he was dealing with from 14 years ago!!  It’s so amazing to watch God work and the difference in my hubby is outstanding. He was a good man before but wow, it’s crazy how much better he is now, and I didn’t think it was possible!  Just goes to show there is something in all of us that can improve.

Take heart everyone, the days are growing dark but if you lean to God he will protect you and help you be the light in dark places!

God will get you through the storm

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