God Is So Good

So I have to tell you the amazing thing that has just happened to us by the Grace and Glory of God.

Many years ago we lived on a large property close to a small country town but not close enough to facilities that kids needed as they grow up so we moved into ‘town’. Well 20 years later we are still in town and through different circumstances in life haven’t been able to move back out.  I hate living in town even though we live on small acreage, we still have neighbors close, the traffic drives me nuts even though we are not on a main road I can still hear it and see it, and the list just goes on and on why I hate living in town so much.  The only thing I like about it is water on tap, but then you have to pay for it and it tastes like crap so not really a great benefit.  One thing God has taught me by living here is that I need to be grateful for what I have as someone somewhere is praying for this exact life.  I need to be content where I am at before he can move me forward, I have to learn to not complain about something that God has given me because that is just being a brat about things.  It’s been a hard lesson and like I said 20 years later we are still here.

My husband and I started to walk with God once again 2 years ago, our biggest desire was to get back on the land. If we believe in God and read the Bible he will get if for us it says so.   Little did we know our intentions were selfish and not genuine towards God but we still weathered this beaten path learning God’s lessons along the way.  I started to change slowly and started to be grateful for where I lived, grateful that it was my own place and not rented, grateful that I was just up the road from my sick daughter (who has been healed) and just started to work on my gratitude and contentment with a knowing that one day In God’s perfect timing we would be living on a farm again.

My husband also had a job that he hated, it was low paying, awful conditions and just an overall shitty job. He learned to be grateful for his job but it was still very hard for him. I said to him just because you are grateful for the job doesnt mean you have to like the job, God will provide you with another job if you ask him and give it over to him to do what is right in his time.  So we are terribly financially fatigued from this low paying job, bills everywhere which we always paid but something had to give which is always the groceries.  Just after Christmas I was like “THAT’S IT I AM SO OVER THIS SHIT”  I prayed to God and I said “Lord I am off it, I am sick of worrying about how to make the money and food stretch I WANT TO BE RICH AND I AM ALLOWED TO BE RICH! You see the devil puts these lies in our heads that as Christians it’s a sin to be rich well I’m sorry but that is a lie straight from the pit of hell and more of us need to grasp the scriptures that are full of abundance and prosperity and we need to BELIEVE!

A couple of months ago we heard of a job coming up through my husbands weekend work channels. It was his dream job and because satan got in his ear straight up and told him he would never get it he is too old and not qualified my hubby didn’t even bother applying. My husband is an extremely hard worked, has perfect work ethic and is really reknowned for this.  So, through contacts he has made over the years, he was recommended for this job and to cut a long story short he got it!! Manager of a 700 acre property 5 minutes out of town.  Super wealthy new owners that want to make sure we are happy and will do whatever it takes to ensure we are comfortable. This job does mean leaving our home and moving on farm but I just knew this was ok. This is the stepping stone to getting our own place back but in the meantime just making my husbands working life easier and more enjoyable.  We get a free house, free new vehicles, and a really good wage!  The Power of Prayer and expectation has never been so evident in my life as it is now and it’s only January, what is the rest of the year going to bring forth for us!

I heard God say to me over the weekend just passed, if you hadn’t have been so half assed about your Faith over the last 2 years this property would have been yours! That is so true, because there were lots of times that I gave up, yelled at God, blamed him for my debt and me being broke, just a lot of stupid crap that I should have been on top of but do you know what? We are HUMAN! We make mistakes and God is there to pick us up, dust us off, hug us and help us move forward.  He is always there waiting to help if we would just trust him and believe him.  Oh and remember if you ever yell at God please make sure you repent and ask him for forgiveness lol!  It is like one of your own kids yelling at you and blaming you for their shitty life!

Guys if anything, I want to encourage you today, that wherever you are at in life, whatever you are believing for, don’t give up. TRUST God, he will come through. Pray without ceasing and give Him the first of your day every day.  Read your Bible, learn how to protect yourself from the devil, because when things are looking good he WILL come and take it from you, then you have to start again.   I said last year in December, that’s is we will be on a farm next year and I will be able to afford groceries without worrying.  BOOM it’s January and it’s happened! I thought it would be our own farm but God has different plans at the moment. Maybe this is a refresher course for my husband before we go back onto larger acreage who knows, God knows.

Also guys, remember this, where you are now is exactly where you are supposed to be, if it’s crap, push through, put on your armor of God every day and keep pushing, you will be learning something that you need for the future so try and hang in there!  God is so good!

Be Blessed! x

God is GoodAllThe Time!