Watch What You Say….

God is really drumming my skull with this scripture at the moment, it’s the one I easily remember and it’s the one that is constantly on my mind (meditate on the Word).  I do believe I am getting better at not saying negative things about other people and situations but some days, (especially when driving) my emotions get the better of me and without thinking first I will cuss someone out (under my breath) and act like a stupid person myself!  I mean we aren’t perfect and the world is full of stupid people, especially drivers but here’s what I do now, or try to do…..

If we see people that are behaving less than ordinary or driving in an unsafe manner, or dressing stupid or just stuff that we as humans are so quick to judge, my husband and I will look at each other raise our eyebrows and say “We are all Gods own and he loves them as mush as he loves us”!  It’s following what the Word says even if we don’t feel like that inside it’s what comes out of our mouths that holds the power.

Also, financially, here’s what I say now instead of saying constantly I’m broke, I can’t afford that, I’m financially challenged which were constantly coming out of my mouth.  I now say I have an abundance in every area of my life including money I just don’t feel like spending that amount today – so that takes out the I’m Broke scenario and replaces it with I have abundance but I’m not spending today.  Instead of saying I can’t afford that say “I can afford that easily but I don’t need it today” just say the opposite to what you are thinking. Honesty guys this works and works well, a month ago we were so broke, had zero money for anything really, had to really budget the food to pay the bills and my hubby was working in a horrible job 5 days a week and then private jobs on the weekend just to get us enough money to eat and put fuel in the car. Fast Forward to NOW and wow I am blown away by the complete opposite that is our life now.  We have plenty of money, a beautiful place to live, awesome bosses, awesome workmates, resources at our disposal and what we dont have and need we can go buy with someone elses money.  Guys this is God, there is no way this would have happened otherwise, just no possible way.

Start talking blessing over your life and not cursing, really listen to how you talk and if it’s not uplifting to you or others change it. READ YOUR BIBLE!! I don’t go to church I don’t fellowship with people, what I do is pray every morning, chat with God, he wants to know us and talk with us, I read my Bible and I act on the Word. Remember Faith without Works is dead (James 2:26). And remember we aren’t perfect but hold fast to the scriptures, believe them, know it in your heart that God’s Word is final, he is faithful and he never breaks his promises.  Let no unwholesome talk

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