God’s Grace Abounds…..

So for the past few weeks my youngest daughter has been getting threatening messages from the girlfriend of her brother-in-law. Apparently, these days you can’t be friends with the opposite sex even if they are family. This other girl is quite clearly not had a good upbringing.  Her family has been implicated in some pretty serious drug crimes and is not the type of family her brother in law should be involved with but that’s a whole other story!

So my daughter has been ignoring this rubbish for weeks, she won’t get involved in childish crap but a few days ago she received another quite threatening message, but this time my daughter decided it’s time to get mum involved. See my kids won’t let me get involved in their crap because I am waaaaay too passionate when it comes to the safety and well being of my kids. Anyhooooo she forwarded the message and was like I have had enough mum. My first instinct of course was to find this girl and beat the crap out of her! Of course my second instinct is the one I followed, I messaged this girl and told her it was the last message she was going to send or I would take it to the police and then get my solicitors involved.  Well that really scared her and she told my daughters brother in law that she would stop if we don’t go to the police. Mission accomplished and I didn’t have to behave like a crazy person and stoop to their level.

HOWEVER, God was not finished with this!  He told me to pray for this girl!! I was like hmmmmm then the scripture, “But I tell you love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you” Matt 5:44, came to mind. I was like ooooooof course Lord and I went and prayed and I can honestly say that prayer was led by the Holy Ghost, it was so different to how I usually pray, it’s like I KNEW what to say already!

We have not had any more trouble from this girl from that minute forth. God took care of it and it’s over. God is so good and it just proves the scripture, “pray always with all prayers and supplications” Eph 6:18 does not just mean at prayer time. It means ALL the time!  God reminded me that how can I expect to receive grace from Him if I didn’t give it to others?  And I felt nothing but compassion for this girl that threatened my daughter. Now THAT is only by the Grace of God!


It’s Friday Yayyyy!

Weekends for us usually means work but we get to explore more of this amazing property and then sometimes we will head further bush to hunt deer (for photos) and just enjoy being in the bush. While we live in the country on a large property it is not the same as being in the bush. Our own place we buy will be further inland, away from the coast, where the eucalyptus grow.  It’s my happy place but for now this property is such a blessing!  What are you up to this weekend?

Cheer UP!

LIstening to Kenneth Copeland this morning about healing which I really don’t feel is a priority for me at present, but I was watching anyway and this scripture jumped out at me.  Basically it’s saying Cheer Up, Be Happy, Your sins have been forgiven why aren’t you full of Joy?  Hit me like a tonne of bricks because I am certainly not joyous at present.  To me God is saying, what have you go to be so angry and unhappy about, you know that’s a sin and I have forgiven you of all that so be HAPPY!  I really need to work on my Joy!

Do What Jesus Did……

Say this daily until it sinks in. This is a renewing of the mind type of thing and it’s absolutely necessary. If we don’t walk in love we can’t activate our Faith and it will hinder our prayers.  This is probably one of the hardest things to do but God never gives us anything we cannot do, so, lets get to it!

Why Isn’t Prayer Being Answered?

I’m on a new mission. I question everything. This time my question is why aren’t prayers getting answered?

I have seen really good Christian people die recently, and while everyone dies, one of these persons was young with a heap of kids, and one was an older person in their prime. Both good Christian people but the thing that baffles me is they BOTH had hundreds if not thousands of people praying for them.  Jesus said “When 2 or more gather in prayer I am in the midst of them” so how goes it when thousands are praying and the person dies?  I have no doubt in God or Jesus NONE, but there is something we are all missing.  God answers prayers, it’s scriptural, so why aren’t they getting answered.  Are we not praying the right way? Are we not being TAUGHT God’s actual message?  Are we not delving deeper into the Word?  Maybe we just grab our Bibles, have a quick read and then think that is enough to sustain our spiritual life.  Maybe when we pray we are full of woe? I don’t know but I am going to find out.  I think Churches have a lot to answer for these days when you have people praying and nothing is happening.  I may get a lot of dispute over this but there HAS to be a reason and I am sure that there is.

I am reading a book by Kenneth E. Hagin at present called Praying to Get Results.  It’s a small book but gee it has some power in it. I am going to keep reading it, over and over and over until I fully understand why prayers arent getting answered. I will find out what the Word says about unanswered  prayer and then I am going to come back and tell you what I find. I think it’s so important to know these things now more than ever. We are in the last days and we need to start doing things properly!