Why Isn’t Prayer Being Answered?

I’m on a new mission. I question everything. This time my question is why aren’t prayers getting answered?

I have seen really good Christian people die recently, and while everyone dies, one of these persons was young with a heap of kids, and one was an older person in their prime. Both good Christian people but the thing that baffles me is they BOTH had hundreds if not thousands of people praying for them.  Jesus said “When 2 or more gather in prayer I am in the midst of them” so how goes it when thousands are praying and the person dies?  I have no doubt in God or Jesus NONE, but there is something we are all missing.  God answers prayers, it’s scriptural, so why aren’t they getting answered.  Are we not praying the right way? Are we not being TAUGHT God’s actual message?  Are we not delving deeper into the Word?  Maybe we just grab our Bibles, have a quick read and then think that is enough to sustain our spiritual life.  Maybe when we pray we are full of woe? I don’t know but I am going to find out.  I think Churches have a lot to answer for these days when you have people praying and nothing is happening.  I may get a lot of dispute over this but there HAS to be a reason and I am sure that there is.

I am reading a book by Kenneth E. Hagin at present called Praying to Get Results.  It’s a small book but gee it has some power in it. I am going to keep reading it, over and over and over until I fully understand why prayers arent getting answered. I will find out what the Word says about unanswered  prayer and then I am going to come back and tell you what I find. I think it’s so important to know these things now more than ever. We are in the last days and we need to start doing things properly!

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