Let Us Pursue Peace….

So I run a facebook page where I share information pretty similar to this blog just more of it. I share our daily lives on the farm, scriptures affirmation and anything that will help others in their walk with God.

Yesterday I had some woman attacking me for a post I made on introducing a new horse to our flock.  Now apparently to introduce in front of a steel gate was stupid in her eyes and that we were idiots and blah blah blah.  We have been doing this sort of thing our whole lives, my hubby had his first horse at 2, competed in many events as a youth and then rodeo in his adulthood. We are not new to horses, but she felt we were.  I didn’t go off at here even though that was my first instinct I just prayed for her, remembered God loves her just as much as me and maybe she really needs help. So I didn’t even delete the thread which other pages would have.

The thing I am trying to say is that we are coming together to pursue peace and love and to build each other up and edify each other, not tear each other down and the best way to combat that is by prayer.  As soon as I had prayed for her she stopped and I haven’t seen her since. I told her we loved her in Christ and we are there for her if she needed us, that would not have happened 6 months ago lol. But how can I expect God to help me if I am not prepared to help others. Tough lessons we get taught but worth it!

These are the photos that she was so offended by. Take note that my hubby was there the whole time and those gates are not dangerous to horses at all!


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