Completely Different….

Well hello everyone.  I have decided to start this blog back up mainly because WordPress charged me for a premium membership renewal without me knowing and it has left me out of pocket so I thought I may as well use it now.

While we are still battling away on the farm, and I am still doing daily scripture, the way I do things has changed somewhat. I want this page to be about being a person on Faith and what that looks like on a daily basis. The struggles that we all go through but for some reason never discuss. It’s like “Well we’re Christians now, we don’t have problems anymore, we don’t struggle with life like the ‘worldly’ people do….that’s the biggest fallacy EVER!  If anything Christian people struggle MORE than Muggles ( a bit of Harry Potter humor there), but no seriously, Christian people struggle more because the devil is going at them a lot harder than he would a non believer.  I think we get lost in the world of evangelism, where everything looks awesome.  Life isn’t like that whether you are a Christian or not.  I want to encourage women sorry guys but my mission is for the ladies, I want to encourage women not to feel like a failure because they aren’t doing things as well as expected – Joyce Meyer has a good one – “I may not be where I want to be but thank the Lord I am not where I used to be”!  She’s a very wise woman!

Look, I am not a public speaker, I am not a coach, pastor or preacher, I am not Beth Moore or Lisa Bevere, (who are all amazing women by the way),  I am just me, living in this little corner of the world, trying to walk in faith on a daily basis, trying to be a ‘doer’ of the Word and trying to stay ‘normal’ while in the crappiest time of life ‘menopause’, sorry again lads but this is not a dude blog….So let me help you on a grit level, down in the trenches level, this is where I need to be to help others who feel helpless in the struggle. Don’t get me wrong there are many victories along the way, but if we don’t acknowledge the struggle then the victory is not as sweet if that makes sense.

I hope I am making sense, I am not good at explaining things and I get off track really easily, but, I am here to share life in the hopes that I may help even one person the push through their struggles and have a walk of victory all their own.  Our own walk of Victory came but we didn’t handle it so well, so the past year was very tough, back on track now and already I feel a change not only in attitude but gratitude and contentment.

I believe God is calling his people back to Him now, I believe we are in the end of end times and that we need to get our crap together and get ready because Jesus will return any day!  Hopefully I can help you do that.

Be Blessed xx


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