Hi guys and welcome to my site. I am a 49 year old mum of 4, nannee to 7, wife to an amazing hubby and dare I say it Jesus freak!  There are so many things in life that a 50 year old woman goes through that sometimes we feel alone with so here is my life, the struggles, the victories, the crap, the good stuff and whatever else is happening right now.   We don’t have a tonne of money, we don’t have the flashest house, we don’t have the flashest cars but what we do have is ours and we are grateful for it.  I have a very busy life with my grandkids, all of whom live within 5 minutes of us, and I still have our 12 year old son at home whom I homeschool.  I have a chronically ill daughter which can be very challenging, but also inspiring.   Life is quick, but it’s life, there is someone out there praying for what we have and if you can really grasp that, it is very humbling.

So please join me as I navigate this life as a middle aged woman, which has taken some time to come to terms with I can tell you.  I remember being a thin, attractive business woman in my thirties to all of a sudden being here at 49, overweight, greying, wrinkling and tired lol!  Needless to say it has really crept up on me and I wasn’t watching for it.  I hope I can be an inspiration to other mums/grandmums that because we are older our life isn’t over, it’s really just beginning at a different level!

Be Blessed! X

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