Can I Just Say…….

How bloody annoying that rainbow is at the top of the bloody page!!! It is totally clashing with my blog color scheme! I could care less what it represents because it doesn't represent me!  The fact that it's making my pages look bloody terrible is really starting to irritate me, I mean the colors are... Continue Reading →


Changing Up!

I'm having a revamp of the site guys so bear with me!  I'm losing the essential oil section and solely concentrating on encouragement through the Word of God!  This has been a directive of the Holy Spirit so fairly excited!  Have a great day!

Touching Base

Hi guys and boy it's been a while since I have posted over here but I have sooooo much going on at present.  Apart from taking care of my sick daughter and her family, running my own house, having grandkids constantly taking turns in staying at nannees house, taking care of my aging mother who... Continue Reading →

Crazy Times…..

Well you gotta wonder are we ushering in the end times or what?!  Look at what is happening in the world this moment. We have in our country a massive debate and plebiscite about gay marriage, we are on the brink of war with Korea, which has been prophesied for many years, we have people... Continue Reading →

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