Ancient Oils of the Bible

How amazingly beautiful are these oils!  For more information get in touch with me here or visit


The First Infusion

So yesterday my daughter and I spent the day in hospital so she could start her course of Infliximab infusions. These infusions are last resort bedore they need to do surgery and remove 30cm of her bowel amd her right ovary. They will also make her feel so much better than she does. Oh and... Continue Reading →

Good Mail Day…

Yayyyy for my July Essential Rewards order!! This month I chose 4 new oils, topped up on 2 and got 1 free!! So this month I chose; Envision - A Young Living blend that comprises of Spruce, Geranium, Orange, Lavender, Sage and Rose. Envision stimulates creativity and resourcefulness, encourages renewed faith in the future and... Continue Reading →


My daughters are the best, seriously they are, they are beautiful, strong, intelligent women, mums and wives.  They are both as different as night and day but they are mine and they are awesome! This is my youngest daughter with her sick baby. This is my poor daughter who is battling with Crohns disease only... Continue Reading →

Early Morning Feels…

I was up early this morning as usual but for some reason I looked out the window and saw the sunrise through the fog.  Definitely had to grab the camera for this one! What a wonderful way to start Monday!

Mid Week Run…

So hubby has been home from work the last few days getting tests done on his heart and brain.  He has been having pretty full on heart palpatations and at 53 that's probably a sign to get things checked.  The brain scan was done to see if the correct amount of blood is pumping around... Continue Reading →

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